Rexx: The most efficient name in mine haulage

At Bis, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to deliver safe, efficient and flexible solutions for customers.
Rexx is the latest product in the Bis haulage fleet - providing increased efficiency and productivity to our customers' operations, and delivering value as part of Bis’ integrated haulage solution.

Optimising your mine design through:

Superior fuel efficiency

With patented on-demand power that lowers fuel consumption, Rexx offers up to 40% less fuel burn than its competitors. This superior fuel efficiency delivers significant fuel cost savings to your mining project, as well as reduced emissions.

Increased range

Rexx can efficiently transport a 160-tonne payload for 40km at a normal operating speed of 60km per hour. This industry-leading distance is at least four times further than most conventional mining trucks, which are limited in range due to tyre heating.

Lower mine development costs

With a 4.8m width and a fully loaded weight of 227 tonnes, Rexx can operate on narrower, lower-specification roads. This reduces haul road infrastructure costs at your operations and optimises your mine design. in addition, the Bis steering system enables a turning radius of just 12.6m, allowing Rexx to easily manoeuvre in smaller spaces.

Out-performs in tough conditions

Rexx has been designed with multiple steering and driving axles which can handle gradients of up to 12% when fully loaded.
The five-axle and 20-tyre design delivers an increased surface area and reduced ground pressure, enabling Rexx to work efficiently in all terrains.
This unique multi-axle design distributes load more evenly across the axles and tyres, enabling Rexx to operate in tough pit environments, including wet underfoot conditions:

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Payload capacity160t
Gross weight 227t
Maximum speed60km/h
Turning radius (outside wheel) 12.6m
Total envelope dimensions (bin up/ access panels open)Length: 17.5m
Height: 12.4m
Width: 8.4m


ManufacturerDual Powered Cummins QSX-15
Gross Power1210 combined


LayoutSide by side
Gears6 Speed, 1 reverse
Control typeElectronic gear selection


TypeCustom bolt pattern, standard size

Bin Dimensions


Dumping systems

Raise time60s
Lowering time40s (cycle time 100s)
Tipping angle48 degrees
Rear clearance during tipping1.35m


Rexx can be easily retrofitted for automation with the inclusion of a broad range of sensors to report on wheel stability, bin tipping, suspension control and engine operation. Rexx’s smart design also includes adequate space to house future automation hardware.

Rexx in action

To discuss how Rexx can deliver efficiencies at your site, Contact Bis:

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