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Next generation driver safety monitoring

Helping to protect our most important asset, our people, is a vehicle monitoring system that increases safety by providing real time monitoring of driver behaviour and fatigue.


AI behavioural data in real-time

Trifecta is an intelligent in-cabin AI analytics system designed specifically to help increase driver safety. It was developed with the world leader in driver monitoring and occupant behaviour analysis, EDGE3 Technologies. 

The solution provides real time monitoring of driver behaviour by collecting, analysing and reporting driver behaviours such as drowsiness, mobile phone use, smartwatch use, smoking, seatbelt and other violations.

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Pre-empting behaviour

    Trifecta ‘learns’ over time and pre-empt high risk fatigue or distraction behaviours in real time alerts to the operator and their supervisor. Since introducing the technology, driver violations have decreased precipitously.

  • A cultural shift

    Positive driver behaviours, such as in-cabin cleaning and properly entering and exiting the truck, are automatically identified. Operators who consistently demonstrate high levels of professionalism and competency are formally recognised and celebrated.

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