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Lifting, shifting or managing materials

From molten slag to steel scrap and any other bulk material, we have the right specialised solution.

The right controls for safe handling

We have a reputation for providing bespoke materials handling solutions for highly critical manufacturing processes.

These include providing 24-hour production critical molten slag handling, where we employ specialised transporters to remove molten slag from our customer’s blast furnace and deliver it to a dedicated site for cooling, processing and recovery.

We understand the critical nature of this kind of unique product handling. Operations cannot be interrupted or restricted in any way, dust and fumes must be eliminated, and material needs to be handled with strict safety and environmental controls.

Customers trust us with this very critical process.

See our product handling in action

Bis is the single materials handling contractor for GFG Alliance’s steel-making operations in Whyalla and has had an operational presence in Whyalla for over 60 years. The scope of services delivered to support the production of steel and steel products for Australian and international markets, and export of iron ore for international markets.

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