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Better commercial value and lower risk

UGM, part of Bis Underground Services, provides a specialised labour force to drive efficiency and deliver better solutions for our customers every day.

The smart mine contracting solution

From running complete underground mining and civil operations, to providing flexible and specialised support to some of Australia’s largest coal mining and civil companies, customers reply on our ability to adapt to their operational needs.

Workforce flexibility

We pride ourselves on our expert workforce. Their experience means they are adaptive, responsive and innovative. They have access to the latest state of the art underground equipment and training; preparing them for any challenge.

Operational security peace of mind

We promote transparency and accountability in our contract management. We will proactively recommend cost efficiencies and value added solutions wherever possible, when our customers succeed, so do we.

We know underground projects

We’ve worked on hundreds of underground projects. We have a solid, demonstrable understanding of the specific requirements of this critical market.

Benefits of our mining services

  • Experienced team available in a variety of contracting arrangements

  • Detailed long-term planning ensures equipment and workforce availability

  • All the equipment required, delivered to site and ready to work

  • Equipment customised to suit operational needs

  • Consulting services to strategically devise innovative efficiencies and better solutions

Contract mining

We know how to best reduce our customer’s exposure to risk. Our benchmark strategies carefully and transparently manage entire workforces and underground equipment to maximise overall operational efficiencies.

Customers also enjoy:

  • Australia’s largest fleet of underground equipment
  • the best skilled operational personnel
  • maintenance and overhaul service
  • field services
  • tyre and wheel division
  • components and spare parts

Drivage – development services

We have significant experience in development drivage and partial and full extraction methods in a variety of strata conditions.

This includes conceptual stage, highwall stabilisation, driving of adits surface to coal seam, completion of the mains roadways and longwall gate roads.

We are laser focused on accuracy in results forecasting.

We create fit for purpose mining proposals using a variety of scheduling tools where we focus on safety, equipment optimisation and advanced mining methodologies.


Our expertise in designing, installing and maintaining conveyor and longwall relocations systems spans nearly 25 years.

Our team of engineers, supervisors and tradesmen understand the coal clearance system criticality and strive to deliver projects that support operational success.

Some examples include:

  • the refurbishment/redesign, installation and recovery of:
  • drift conveyor systems – capacities of 5000tph
  • trunk and gate conveyor systems – capacities of 3000tph - 4000tph
  • jiffy and caddy (temporary) drive systems – capacities 600 - 1000tph
  • surface gantry systems
  • product transfer systems
  • recovery and refurbishment of the above systems

Longwall relocation

We provide wet or dry hire services during the critical relocation or installation of longwalls. Trained and highly skilled operators provide expert machine control during critical relocation movements, reducing equipment damage and associated risk.

Longwall Relocation services include:

  • pre and post longwall relocation work
  • project management and scheduling
  • statutory coverage
  • supervision of activities and resources
  • plant introduction to site assistance and scheduling
  • skilled and dedicated plant operators
  • mechanical and electrical trade support
  • diesel servicing and support
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