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Haulage solutions for any commodity

Distinctly fit for purpose, discover new bulk haulage possibilities with our innovative and tailored solutions.



From pit, to plant, to port
On-road or off-road, we are not your conventional truck and trailer solution. Our fleet is bespoke, designed and engineered using innovative thinking and technology to perfectly meet your operational needs. Whether you are in the feasibility stage, looking to expand your operations or want to haul more material with fewer vehicle movements, we can tailor a solution for you.

Tailored solutions
We operate a huge fleet of specialised off-road and on-road bulk haulage equipment, with payload capacities up to 500 tonnes, that are configured to optimise production and exceed operational needs.

Advanced technology and innovation
Rexx and Dual Powered Road Trains (DPRTs) exemplify our inventive culture and our technical expertise in developing solutions to handle bulk commodities. If there is a way to engineer a better solution, our team will find it.

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Off-road Haulage

Smart solutions using a vast array of fleet options for out of pit and off road haulage no matter the distance, gradient or volume. Our high payload Dual Powered Pit Haulers, Dual Powered Road Trains and new haul truck Rexx are just some of the solutions we draw on to make light work of a multitude of commodities in a multitude of operating environments.

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On-road Haulage

We’re not afraid to innovate or engineer a completely new solution if we see a better way to maximise payloads within existing regulations in order to move your valuable bulk ore or commodities on road.

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Our latest innovations


Meet Rexx. Mine haulage reimagined.

The 160 tonne dump truck delivers lower mine development costs, superior fuel efficiency, increased range and better safety outcomes.

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Meet our DPRT.

Designed to go the extra mile with payloads up to 500 tonnes, reduced haul cycles and vehicle movements, achieve higher productivity at a reduced cost.

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