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Customer led innovation

Explore some of the innovations, industry firsts and new technologies that are helping to drive our business, and our customers’ operations, forward.


An innovative, tough and agile off-road haulage solution - we designed Rexx to deliver real value to the mining industry.

The 160 tonne, 20-wheel dump truck delivers lower mine development costs, superior fuel efficiency, increased range and better safety outcomes.

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Invented by Bis to deliver better operator safety and exceptional performance, the Razor underground grader is a direct response to industry demand.

With more tractive effort, up to 55% more power, a host of new safety features for the operator and designed for more up time, it was designed for miners by miners.

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Dual Powered Road Trains (DPRTs)

Since being first developed in the 2000's by Bis company, Powertrans, high-payload Dual Powered Road Trains have changed the face of off-road haulage. They reduce haul time and cost and achieve higher productivity.

With payloads up to 500 tonnes and limitless range, distance is no longer a problem.

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The next generation of mine site automation brought to you by joint venture partners IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) and Bis.

Fully scalable with adaptable levels of automation, Auto-mate’s agnostic technology allows the automation of any asset, regardless of make, model or age.

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Trifecta is an intelligent in-cabin analytics system, collaboratively developed by global artificial intelligence company EDGE3 Technologies and Bis.

The technology increases driver safety by providing real time vehicle and in-cabin monitoring of driver fatigue.

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Getting on board the fleet of the future

The machines that form part of the future of mining will do so because of the financial, safety and sustainability driven outcomes we’re measuring now.

Working collaboratively up and down the value chain and understanding where maximum value is obtained for customers is critical, are we ready to take a step back, look at the big picture and appropriately commercialise the outputs? Bis Chief Development Officer, Todd Peate explains.

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