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Norske Skog Boyer Mill, Tasmania

Bis has been providing asset hire, materials handling and site services at Norske Skog’s paper mill in Boyer, Tasmania, for more than three decades

  • Location

    The Norske Skog Boyer Mill is located in Boyer, Southern Tasmania which is 33kms north west of Hobart on the eastern side of the River Derwent. Land of the Lairmairrener people.

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  • Status

    Start date: 1985

  • Customer

    Norske Skog

  • Commodity


The contract: Asset Hire, Materials Handling and Site Services

The scope of work includes full chip supply management comprising log unloading, chipping, screening and chip storage, together with onsite servicing and repairs of on hire assets and hazardous chemical decanting.

Bis built, own, operate and maintain the $22.5 million, state of the art, plantation soft wood chipping facility used by Norske Skog in Boyer; which converted the existing chipping operations into a single operation.

Customer Operation

Situated in Southern Tasmania, the Norske Skog Boyer mill produced Australia’s first newsprint in 1941 and remains one of the state’s major employers.

Annual production is around 285 000 tonnes of newsprint, improved newsprint, book grades and lightweight coated grades since the completion of the $85m PM2 conversion project in 2014.

The wood chipping plant is capable of producing 1.56 million tonnes per annum.

The mill uses certified plantation radiata pine.

Bis’ assets at Norske Skog Boyer Mill

  • People


    Bis’ local team comprises a 7-person team to operate/maintain the paper making facilities and handling raw materials and waste

  • Equipment


    Bis hires 50 individual assets, including: Forklifts (2.5 tonne to 52 tonne), wheel loaders, trucks, light vehicles, tractors, trailers, and other specialised machinery used in paper making.

Key project achievements

Softwood Conversion Project and Integrated Woodship Plant

The Softwood Conversion Project saw Norske Skog convert its Boyer site from using eucalypt based cold caustic soda (CCS) processing lines, to a new plantation softwood based thermo-mechanical pulp plant (TMP).

As part of the conversion project, Norske Skog contracted Bis to install a $22.5M Integrated Woodchip Plant - owned and operated by Bis.

The new plant was integral to the overall success of the Softwood Conversion Project and delivers a range of key benefits for Norske Skog:

  • Utilisation of 100% plantation softwood providing protection for our native forests
  • Reduced carbon impacts from operating 12 hours per day, 5 days a week versus its previous 24/7 operation
  • Increased efficiency of operations and cost savings
  • On hand and dedicated facility expertise in the Bis team
  • Quality certified

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