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Our Stories 03 March 2023

Humans of Bis – Faye

If you asked Faye where she thought she would be five years ago, she would have never guessed she’d be in the Pilbara driving T1250s, CAT 777Fs and Rexx. Faye started with Bis in 2021, learning the ropes locally in Perth, before being deployed to world class iron ore mine, Roy Hill. Her next steps will be completing her MC training.

Although she seems on top of her game, life hasn’t always gone as expected for Faye. “Limited movement of one of my hands has been a challenge in operating the trucks as I have had to adjust and adapt how I do things.”

Five years ago she was graduating from university as an Environmental Scientist so living part of her life in rural Australia and kicking up dust in the middle of the desert wasn’t initially front of mind. After losing movement in her right hand due to a car accident, things shifted. Her husband and greatest supporter, Malcolm who also works at the Roy Hill mine suggested she could have a shot working in the mining industry.   

That’s exactly what she’s done, now known for being one of the top Rexx operators on site and an absolute gun in our in-cab software OSCAR. In a short amount of time, her adaptability, willingness to try new things and positive attitude have made her a huge asset to the team. 

A normal day for Faye starts with a daily toolbox meeting where the team are assigned their vehicles and cartage requirements… not without, of course, a decent barista coffee. It’s Faye’s responsibility to operate the T1250 and Rexx trucks, carry out safety ‘Take Five’s’, pre and post starts, safety procedures and other reporting associated with transporting iron ore from and to various locations.

Guiding her every day is the mantra: “Everything you need is already inside you, don’t wait for others to light your fire, you have your own matches!”

Faye’s proud to be part of a company and crew that reveres diversity and makes everyone feel like they are part of a big family – but from all walks of life. She knows working in the industry can be chaotic and isolating at times so surrounding yourself with a solid work family is essential. For her, that’s B Crew at Roy Hill.

“I love how our crew works together as a team to achieve results, we look out for each other and always put safety first. I uphold the same principles as Bis and endeavour to strive for excellence and zero harm in everyday life not just my working life.”

She would advise anyone wishing to join the industry to put their mental health first, “Always look after your mental health because within the industry you are isolated from your everyday family and friends.”  Attention to detail and regimented time management is also high on her list of things you’ll need, as organising yourself between early starts, flights and knowing the procedures and vehicles can take some discipline.

According to her site manager, Adam Harris, “Faye always comes to work each day with a smile on her face. She has a very pleasant demeanour. Faye engages with her fellow team mates very well and will always have something constructive and positive to say at meetings if the need arises.

She is a constant contributor to safe operational practises, and just like the rest of our Bis Roy Hill Team, she forms part of a cheerful and energetic environment.”

We can’t wait to see Faye build on her skills even more, who knows where she’ll be in another five years. If we’re lucky, she’ll still be at Bis doing something even more exciting!

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