Off-road haulage

With our high-payload proprietary road trains you can cut the time and number of vehicles needed to transport your ore from your ROM to processing plant or train loading terminal, no matter the distance.

The smart solution

Our solutions are flexible, bespoke and fit for purpose to suit your needs. Our high-payload Dual Powered Road Trains reduce the time and cost to haul ore from your run of mine to your processing plant, train, or barge-loading terminal. With payloads up to 500 tonnes and limitless range, distance is no longer a problem.  With reduced haul cycles and vehicle movements, you’ll get higher productivity at a reduced cost.


  • Capable of payloads up to 500 tonnes resulting in fewer haul cycles
  • Reduced headcount and vehicle movements
  • Narrower haul roads result in savings on construction, dust suppression and ongoing maintenance
  • Higher average operating speeds over unlimited distances
  • Proven and reliable technology
  • Can be deployed significantly faster than fixed infrastructure so production can commence earlier

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