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Our Stories 06 October 2023

Humans of Bis – Tracey

She’s the National Licensing & Safety & Sustainability Manager for our Underground division – and even one of the longest job titles in the company doesn’t sum up what she’s been capable of in her almost 20-year career with us.

“I have found a role where I can add value to the business and grow professionally.  It really suits my inquisitive personality and gives me an opportunity to constantly ask questions and effect change.”

Speaking of questions, there’s not much you can get past Tracey. She’s a prolific note taker. She is always the first to speak up, with empathy, as a trusted voice and is always the first to offer assistance. She admits that she loves getting her hands dirty and prefers being in the workshop to be at her desk. That being said, because she knows the underground operational environment like the back of her hand, she is humble about the responsibility she has in keeping our underground team safe. It’s a tough environment, it’s not easy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Based between Tomago and North Sydney, Tracey started with Brambles in November 2003 working in the Steel Services division at Port Kembla – a site that is still under our wing all these years later and run by the same division but now known as Specialist Equipment Services.

You’ll regularly find her jumping around our sites completing internal audits for the governance and assurance program, leading the underground Safety & Sustainability function and providing practical support and guidance to underground employees no matter their location..

At the moment she’s delivering a trial initiative in the Underground business that explores Doing Safety Differently. “It’s all about how we can create a fundamental shift in culture, behaviour and risk thinking by flipping the focus from safety management improving work performance to understanding and optimising normal work processes for the best and safest possible outcome”. It is something she believes will meaningfully shift the safety curve. 

With the support of her team and her family, she is able to balance the needs of a role she loves with the downtime required to ensure she is the best mum, friend, and dog-mum she can be. Her adorable pooch, Bentley, the Border Collie, keeps her grounded. He kept both her and her colleagues amused during COVID-19 when out of nowhere he would suddenly pop up on the screen from behind her during Teams meetings with his latest toy! Adorable is an understatement.

“I have been afforded the most wonderful opportunities in this business to grow and develop and have been supported by some fabulous leaders in my time who have guided my career.”

Her advice for people looking to join the industry is, “Be bold, be brave and make the absolute most of every opportunity that comes your way.  Nothing good ever comes without putting in the hard work.”

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