Run of Mine casual hire

Get the specialist underground run of mine equipment you need, on a long-term or casual basis, from Australia’s largest provider of underground mining equipment hire.

The smart solution

Casual and term hire of run of mine equipment including Load Haul Dump (LHD) machines, graders and personnel transporters, ensure greater security and flexibility, while preserving valuable capital. Our extensive fleet of well-maintained OEM equipment can be found working in every Australian underground mine, helping our customers deliver the tonnes every single day.

Our proprietary equipment scheduling tool provides peace-of-mind that the equipment you need will be ready up to a year ahead of time. All our equipment is compliant with statutory regulations and fully maintained using a preventative, predictive and proactive approach to ensure high availability.

Included with your equipment

  • Full approval documentation including a maintenance disk containing:  
  • Manuals (Parts, Service, Operations)
  • Audits and test reports (visibility and noise surveys)
  • Training packages available for all equipment
  • Design and Operational Risk Assessments for all equipment
  • Timely delivery and pickup from your site
  • Designated Contracts Manager
  • Field service
  • 24 hour spare parts support


  • Long-term scheduling system ensures equipment availability for peace-of-mind
  • All the equipment you need delivered to site and ready to work
  • Equipment customised for your operational needs
  • Field support and 24 hour parts
  • Preserve your capital
  • High quality, high availability equipment

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