A great place to work

Attracting and keeping the best

We are committed to our people. We work hard to create a workplace that attracts talented people, who share our values and want to actively contribute towards our progress. Throughout our business we encourage everyone to think differently, get involved and create solutions that deliver to our customers and generate long term value to our business. Bis is a great place to further your career.


We recognise that a diverse team of people who share a common purpose can deliver exceptional results. Whether you are working in a functional or operational space, our team culture strengthens our approach and ensures we deliver, every day.

Our Culture

Bis has a unique and differentiated culture. It is underpinned by our values and supported by our leadership. We value everyone’s contribution and constantly challenge ourselves to deliver outstanding results and solutions for our customers.

High-performing and agile

In order to deliver inventive solutions to our customers and to challenge traditional thinking, our culture embraces people who think differently. At Bis, we encourage everyone to engage with our high performing and agile culture. This means always pushing to be our ‘best selves’ while ensuring we are agile about how we respond and deliver.


At Bis, we are always looking for ways to improve how we work, because like you, we are only satisfied by the progress we make.

Our progress is made through the efforts and contributions of our people.

Our unique culture is built on the diverse contribution our people make, every day. We have a strong team focus that enables us to solve complex and difficult problems for our customers.

We encourage everyone to challenge how we do things, so we can constantly improve our delivery.

All this adds up to an industrious team who work to help our customers. 

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