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Our Stories 20 January 2020

Humans of Bis – Tim

In his role leading the UGM Mining Services business, Tim credits tenacity, challenging the status quo and a relentless drive for finding a better way, as the pillars of success.  He also admits to doing it with a healthy dollop of ‘brash’ innovative thinking.

‘The market is very fluid and requires resilience. I’m always looking forward, staying focused on the next opportunity and how we can leverage UGM to be the preferred contractor of choice; building and growing the team along the way and keeping the energy levels up.’

When asked what drives him each day, he quickly answers, ‘Customers’. “By understanding their pain points and being results-focused to provide cost effective and timely solutions, we see the impact of what we do on their operations on a daily basis.” 

A typical work day for Tim usually starts with the gym, and when he hits work mode, he begins by getting operational updates from UGM site representatives (Tim runs a 24/7 business, so it’s essential his day starts with checking in with sites who have overnight shifts).

His next priority is collaborating with client management teams, who are working to meet customers’ needs whether that be sustaining current work or working towards further project works. From there, no day is the same,

“One day I could be driving to Wollongong presenting a tender; the next I could be in Mudgee for a contract meeting. Other days I may be working with Mark Doyle, the Underground Services GM, on our short and long term business strategy.”

“I also prioritise one-on-one or group talks with our crew. It’s so important to remember we are first and foremost a people business.”

Sometimes, he even gets back to using his core skill set which he still thrives on. “Recently I was able to help re-design a multibolter to have percussive drill rigs for a potential new contract. It’s great to stay involved, it keeps you connected on the frontline.”

When asked by ‘Why Bis?’, he cites the company’s willingness to adapt and innovate, as well as its thirst to aspire; driven by a growth mindset. He instantly saw an alignment with his own mantra, ‘Do what other’s won’t, to achieve what others can’t.’