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Our Stories 16 May 2024

Humans of Bis – Ian

Meet Ian, Workshop Manager at our Underground workshop in Paget, QLD. He joined Bis because of its ongoing mission to find value-adding improvements for customers, the team he gets to work alongside, and the opportunity to learn something new every day. 

On a day-to-day basis, Ian works to make sure that the team can do their job with minimal risks while delivering our products on time and in prime condition. “I want us to be best in class with our delivery and quality exceeding customer expectations.” 

In practice, it means spending plenty of quality time on the shop floor where the work takes place. 

"I work with a great team in Paget, a mix of characters from different backgrounds, getting the job done to the constant sound of country music – which I love!” 

“Together we analyse our processes and systems to identify areas where we can improve. We also take the time to reflect on things that didn't go as planned, so that we can make sure we're better prepared for the next day.”  

Building a strong team is all about creating an environment where everyone feels valued, connected, and comfortable sharing ideas and concerns. 

“Currently, we have a lot of changes taking place at Paget, so some of my focus is on making sure the team is feels supported and is equipped. In fact, we have plenty of work in the pipeline, so we are always on the look out for the right people to join our team.” 

Asked about the greatest challenges in his career, he reflects on some close calls during his army service. Once, he had a lucky escape after three bombs went off in a military barracks. Another time, a jump from the plane during a battalion exercise ended with a rough landing: “My parachute did not open correctly, causing me to suffer a mild concussion and some knee injuries.” 

Despite these experiences, he considers himself fortunate. “I’ve been able to travel to 30 countries and meet many people on my life's journey. Through my struggles, I have found that resilience, compassion, and love and respect for others can help us overcome any obstacle.” 

Ian’s greatest supporter in life is his wife. “She’s my number one. I know that when I turn the key to get into my house, I am a husband, Dad, friend, and sometimes the comedian.” 

When asked where he’d like to be in five years, he grins: “Perhaps next to my wife drinking limoncello whilst seeing if the olives are ripe enough to pick.” 

Sounds like a great dinner party with good food and even better company.

Great to have you onboard, Ian!