Longwall relocation equipment hire

Relocation of your longwall equipment is a major logistical operation that requires detailed planning and highly specialised equipment. However, it is difficult to justify the costs of owning and maintaining the equipment when it’s only in use for around four weeks a year. That’s where Bis comes in.

The smart solution

What you want most when completing your longwall relocation is certainty. Bis delivers the best relocation equipment, including shearer carriers, mules, heavy lift and chock trailers, maximum uptime and a 24 hour support team who understand the risks and pressures of your critical process.
Bis is the largest provider of longwall relocation equipment hire and support services in Australia. We provide a full set of longwall relocation equipment, which means you can minimise your capital commitments and expenditure on maintaining non-core, but critical, assets. We fully understand all elements of this mission-critical process and, using our proprietary equipment scheduling tool, can give you peace-of-mind that the equipment you need will be ready up to a year ahead of time.  
We maintain our equipment using a preventative, predictive and proactive approach to ensure high availability, and every machine is delivered with all mandatory certification and safety documentation.


  • Detailed long-term planning ensures equipment availability for peace-of-mind
  • All the equipment you need delivered on time and ready to work
  • Full support to maximise productivity during relocation window
  • Preserve your capital
  • High quality, high availability equipment

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