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Humans of Bis – Danielle

Danielle is Site Manager of our Karara Dry Stack Tailings Storage Facility – a bespoke plant that is owned and managed by Bis.
Joining Bis just over a year ago, Danielle’s position in the company is busy and challenging from the start to finish of her daily shifts when she is on site.
“Because the fixed plant is essentially one of its kind in the world, every person that comes to site has to be trained individually,” Danielle said.
“Then, every six to nine months, we’ll have an expansion project, in which everything changes again – so we’re constantly changing the parts; changing what we need; making improvements; and up-skilling our people so they can manage the machine.”
Danielle also works with the safety team on site to oversee compliance with the strict safety regulations around dust and tailings management.
With an ever-changing scope of work on a daily basis, Danielle finds forward planning is key.
“It’s a matter of prioritising your work and not getting side-tracked. You need to plan the planning and be super organised, so you can make decisions quickly so you’re not constantly reacting to things,” she said.
For Danielle, the most rewarding aspects of her role are being able to facilitate the development of her team through education and training; and problem solving to develop new solutions.
“When you have a constant problem that keeps slowing you down, and then you come up with a solution for it that’s fail-proof, and you don’t have to spend any more time on it because you’ve automated it, and come up with a simple system that streamlines the process – that’s an awesome feeling,” she said.
“Then once that’s all implemented and under control, you can move onto the next thing.”
In her time off, Danielle unwinds by getting back to nature in the great outdoors through her numerous hiking and surfing adventures.
“It’s really important to balance out a busy role with some relaxation in your free time,” she said.
She is also an advocate for women in the resources industry, and has been a panel member for the Women in Mining and Resources WA Summit.
“I have found that Bis is really evolved when it comes to employing women in non-traditional roles and we’re treated the same as everyone else,” Danielle said.
“The opportunities are there for everyone who can rise to the challenges of the role, regardless of whether you’re male or female, and Bis really walks the talk in that respect.”
Danielle recalls her first day in the Bis head office, and seeing the Bis values listed on the wall in the foyer.
“I could see then that this is a company that really follows its values, and I see the value of Unity and that mutual respect for what we are trying to achieve on display each and every day.” 
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