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Keeping materials moving reliably through your supply chain is critical to every resource operation. Know you’ll deliver with our integrated materials handling solutions, from pit, ROM and production input management to processing, transportation and ship and train loading.

How we help you deliver

Rethinking resources logistics

Resources companies are under pressure to move larger volumes of material, faster and at a lower cost. Only by challenging conventional wisdom and inventive thinking is it possible to make the efficiency gains needed to stay competitive. We work at every point of the resource supply chain, from extraction, transport and stockpiling to conveyors, processing plants, rail and port terminals, and know how to streamline the journey bulk commodities take through your complex system.

Why Bis

Bespoke solutions
We are experienced at provisioning and running large resource infrastructure projects, from wood chipping facilities and Pulverised Coal Injection plants to tailings management plants. We will explore any type of infrastructure project needs.

Technical expertise in advanced technology
Whether you want to lower raw material costs, improve process control, increase production or reduce your environmental footprint, we have the in-house technical expertise and processes to find a solution.

Industry experience
If there’s material to be crushed, processed or moved we have the right people. The depth of our materials handling expertise means we can optimise the movement of product throughout your entire system.

We are proactive in finding new solutions to overcome the bottlenecks and obstacles in your system. Just because a solution doesn’t already exist doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

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Mineral Sands

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Steel / Lead

We’re helping deliver resources across Australia and in Indonesia. Take a closer look at our operations map.

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