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Specialised product haulage

If you have specialist bulk materials, concentrates, dangerous goods, pressurised liquids or fines you need to move safely and reliably, you need our specialist bulk haulage logistics service.

The Smart Solution

We’re willing to innovate and invest in bespoke solutions for your business because we know ‘off-the-shelf’ transport solutions won’t deliver for you when it comes to your specialist bulk products.

Our specialist bulk product haulage services include the transport of the bulk inputs you need to your operation. Our unique fleet of on-road bulk trucks are designed to safely deliver copper and heavy mineral concentrate, sulphuric acid, zinc by–products, cement, quick lime and other materials with the certainty you need to keep your plant running.

We can also provide your outbound haulage, delivering direct ship ore and other specialist bulk products to port or your customers, with certainty and peace of mind.


  • Expertise in specialist bulk logistics
  • Tailored solutions and bespoke equipment designed especially for your bulk materials
  • Safe and reliable delivery of your specialist bulk products

Configured to our customers' needs

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