ROM and stockpile management

Effective stockpile and ROM management means getting the right product delivered in the right volume, at the right specification and at the right time. Know you can deliver against your contractual responsibilities with the highest levels of efficiency with Bis people, equipment and expertise.

The smart solution

We understand all the issues around effective stockpile management, from optimising stockpile size, stockpile turnover and stock fluctuations, to minimising product degradation, meeting your customers’ needs for consistent product quality and delivering to shifting road and rail freight schedules.
We manage stockpiles and ROMs across all commodities and operation sizes. We provide the people, expertise and fully maintained equipment you need for this critical process in your supply chain. Our services include stockpile pad building, blending and quality control, dust suppression, scheduling and strategic stockpile management.


  • Delivery of consistent product quality to your customers’ specifications
  • Certainty around your critical processing operations
  • Flexibility in adapting to changing road or train freight schedules
  • Efficient and safe management of all your stockpile operations
  • Logistics specialists who understand the resource supply chain
Complete solutions to crush, screen and process your resources
The equipment to get the right product delivered at the right time
Know you can get your product moved when needed

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