Product handling and management

If there’s critical product or raw material you need lifted, shifted or managed through your plant, from molten slag to steel scrap or any other bulk material you need moved on your site, we have the specialised equipment and materials handling operators to keep your production moving constantly.

The smart solution

Removing molten slag from a blast furnace is a critical job that requires specialist expertise and equipment. So is the collection, processing and on time delivery of scrap steel for the intensive steelmaking process.
We have a reputation for providing bespoke materials handling solutions for highly critical manufacturing processes. These include providing 24 hour production critical molten slag handling, where we employ specialised transporters to remove molten slag from our customer’s blast furnace and deliver it to a dedicated site for cooling, processing and recovery.
We understand the critical nature of this kind of unique product handling, where operations cannot be interrupted or restricted in any way, where dust and fumes must be eliminated, and where material needs to be handled with strict safety and environmental controls.


  • Bespoke solutions for your highly specialised and critical materials handling
  • Specialised equipment designed for your unique requirements
  • Trained and experienced operators who understand your critical processes
  • Adherence to strict safety and environmental standards
  • Operational certainty 365 days a year
Investing with customers to deliver critical infrastructure
The specialised equipment to drive productivity
Bespoke solutions to support customer needs
Technology and people to unlock the potential of any operation

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