Out-of-pit haulage

Haul from your pit to your processing plant and ROM pad with the same off-road flexibility of OEM dump trucks, but over greater distances at a lower cost and with higher payloads.

The smart solution

Need to productively haul ore or waste from your pit over distance? Our patented high payload Dual Powered Pit Haulers are a fast, flexible and innovative alternative to OEM dump trucks. With payloads of 200 tonnes, we move more material further, with pit to crusher solutions that handle up to 10% gradients and avoid re-handling at the top of pit. 


  • Capable of payloads of 200 tonnes resulting in fewer haul cycles
  • Reduced headcount and vehicle movements
  • Narrower haul roads result in savings on construction, dust suppression and ongoing maintenance
  • Higher average operating speeds over unlimited distances
  • Proven and reliable technology

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