We have always been inventive

Explore some of the innovations, industry firsts and new technologies that are helping to drive our business, and our customers’ operations, forward.


Razor, a new underground grader, was invented by Bis to deliver better operator safety and exceptional performance, from the cab to the cutting edge.


An innovative, tough and agile out-of-pit haulage solution, we designed Rexx to deliver real value to the mining industry.

Dual Powered Road Trains

Inspired by dual 'push/pull' locomotives, we rethought the road train powertrain and dramatically increased payload capacity up to 500 tonnes.

Underground Equipment

We’re revolutionising the way coal miners source and manage their specialised underground equipment.

Automated Guided Vehicles

We’ve harnessed automated guided vehicle systems to enhance operations for our customers.

Dual Powered Pit Hauler

We have changed the out of pit haulage game with a new solution that allows more tonnes to be carried up steeper haul roads, over longer distances at higher speeds.

Materials Handling Infrastructure

We’ve transformed the investment model for customers to support them in realising their resources. We can invest, build, operate and maintain critical infrastructure as a partner in their supply chain.

Data Collection

If you can measure it you can improve it. Data collected in real-time from our assets is transforming utilisation and fleet management.

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle and operator monitoring, engine management and GPS technology is delivering new insights into performance and reliability.


Through our high-tech command centre we track, monitor and manage our huge equipment fleet and the health of every operator.