On-road haulage

We’re not afraid to innovate or engineer a completely new solution if we see a better way to transport your valuable bulk ore or commodities from your remote operation to port or rail.

The Smart Solution

Just because you’re hauling on-road, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice volume or productivity. We can custom design and build a haulage fleet specifically for your bulk commodity so you can move it from your operation to any port or rail terminal more cost effectively and reliably.

Some of the unique on-road solutions we have developed for our customers include a specially designed two-way road train that transports diesel to site, and on the return journey, hauls product to port. This innovative approach optimises the loading capacity on both inbound and outbound routes for our customer.

On road, we specialise in the transport of direct ship ore, copper and heavy mineral concentrate, sulphuric acid, processing inputs, zinc by–products, cement, quick lime, dangerous goods and other bulk materials.


  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your exact needs
  • Maximise payloads within existing regulations
  • Fewer vehicle movements on public roads
  • Optimise inbound and outbound routes to minimise costs
  • Minimise impact on local communities
  • Safe and reliable delivery of your specialist bulk products

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