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Our Stories 11 May 2021

Humans of Bis – Matthew

There are three things central to the experience of Matthew Neave, Operations Supervisor at Roy Hill - not losing touch with home, building a close-knit team and grabbing every opportunity you can with both hands.

Originally starting with Bis in 2018 at Murrin Murrin as a road train operator, Matthew was offered the opportunity to step up and explore other skills in our operations at the Nickel mine. Becoming an equipment all-rounder and experiencing different facets of our operation added some more feathers to his cap.

When the Roy Hill project commenced in 2020, Matt answered the call to go join the quickly mobilised new team in the Pilbara and apply his learnings in a new position as Production Loader Operator.

He’s always been proud of his work and grateful for the opportunities Bis has afforded him, but his managers attribute his success to his continued diligence to striving for the best outcome for the business by way of exceptional team leadership, hard work and positive mindset> that he brings with him on every swing, which is infectious to his co-workers and brings the feeling of ‘home away from home’ for rest of the Bis team.

Recently Matt was promoted to Operations Supervisor, bringing together his appreciation for his team and his experience being on the ground, to ensure all haulage requirements are met, safely and effectively.

He starts early, conducting the daily pre-start at the beginning of shift and focussing everyone on not only on the days’ work ahead, but constantly deepening the conversation on how to do things more safely.

During the shift, he’s the glue between the customer and the team in the field, working closely with them to achieve production targets, undertaking safety interactions, and ensuring everyone goes home the same way they came to work.

‘I love the opportunities Bis has given me to learn more and better myself,

‘I am proud of where I have been able to progress to in the company and am furthermore very proud of my team and co-workers.”

We think Matt should be very proud of how far he has come in such as short amount of time and delighted to have him as part of the Bis family.

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