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Our Stories 18 May 2022

Humans of Bis - Caitlin

Meet Caitlin. In this Humans of Bis, she talks about her role as Manager, Corporate Development, the values underpinning her work ethic and passions outside of work, and tips for getting into the mining industry.

Caitlin joined Bis as a Corporate Analyst in early 2020 on the back of an enduring interest in the mining industry. The role saw her quickly contribute to a wide spectrum of strategic and financial projects.

“When I first met the Bis team, I knew I would enjoy and be challenged by the work, and learn from some incredibly skilled and smart people.”

In April this year, her hard work and expertise earnt her a promotion to Manager, Corporate Development. Reporting directly to Bis’ Chief Commercial Officer, Elena O’Connor, Caitlin is now responsible for informing business strategy, market and commodity analysis, inorganic growth projects and ESG planning.

What does a typical day look like?

“The work is predominately project work based, so every day is different,” Caitlin says. It’s precisely that diversity which she enjoys most about her role: “Every day has a set of challenges which keeps it interesting and rewarding.”

But although projects vary in terms of content and end goal, to get them over the line, a few common threads emerge, including:

  • A significant amount of desktop research;
  • Liaising with people across different functions;
  • Extensive analysis of the collected data;
  • Translating and presenting the resulting insights and recommendations to key stakeholders internally and externally.


How to get the job done?

“Chocolate and coffee are a must,” Caitlin says with a wink.

In all seriousness though, not every day can result in 100% positive output, she acknowledges. But a strong work ethic makes all the difference.

“I strive to develop meaningful professional relationships internally and externally, and to add value within the Australian mining industry.”

“I want to continue to develop my core finance and strategy skills, and focus on delivering the best outcomes for Bis, our customers, my peers and myself.”

It’s fair to say that Caitlin’s parents played an important role in shaping her work ethic, particularly their continued strong leadership in spite of many obstacles. "My parents are have shown me the significance of persistence, drive, loyalty and commitment in achieving your aspirations," she says.


What fuels your private life?

Persistence, drive, loyalty and commitment – these core values also underpin Caitlin’s biggest passion outside of work: Her involvement with the Claremont Women's Football Club (CWFC) since 2018. Here, Caitlin has held committee roles as Treasurer and General Committee Member in Community Engagement (ongoing), and operational roles for the last three years including Interchange Coach and Runner for Reserves.

"I am very passionate about creating equal opportunities for all females. Football is a great way to create a sense of community, inclusiveness and a major outlet for some."

Excitingly, Caitlin’s work to improve the CWFC’s Community Engagement has seen her travel to the Great Southern and to several remote indigenous communities across the Kimberley to run football clinics for women and female children.

Caitlin played a key role in securing Bis as one of CWFC's major sponsors for the 2022 WAFLW season.


Tips for those looking to get into mining

As for embarking on a career in mining, Caitlin is clear: “Be open minded!”. The industry might still have a reputation of being a bit ‘traditional’; but technology and innovations play an increasingly important part.

Speaking of innovations, Caitlin’s favourite vehicle is Rexx. “I watched the diverse team of engineers, project managers, and manufacturers (to name a few!) come together to work towards commercialising this unique product. Having seen the behind-the-scenes work made it a lot more meaningful to me compared to any other vehicle.”

“So, if you’re looking to join a business that’s at the forefront of captivating new ways to give customers an edge, Bis is place to join,” she says.

We say ‘thank you Caitlin’!


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