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Bis in the News 23 September 2020

Bis teams up with Israeli giant for mining automation

Australian Mining | September 22, 2020

Bis has announced a joint venture with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to launch mining technology company Auto-mate.

The company’s automation solution, also named Auto-mate, will aim to deliver mining automation to more mines at a reduced cost.

According to Bis chief executive officer Brad Rogers, the Auto-mate technology platform enables miners to have any of their assets automated, regardless of their brand or age.

“Auto-mate is a game-changer because of its exceptional utility,” he said. “It is a gateway to automation for small and big miners. It is uniquely flexible so that a customer can choose how far down the pathway to automation they want to go.

“It is asset agnostic. It can be deployed at any mine, on any asset and to any degree of automation the customer chooses.

“From today, automation will be accessible by a larger section of the mining industry because the Auto-mate technology platform, created by IAI, allows miners to automate any asset, and retain long term optionality on fleet decisions.”

The Auto-mate platform features open architecture which enables it to be tailored the requirements of any specific mine site, while also allowing it to connect any asset to an operation’s fleet management system.

“Auto-mate makes automation a reality at mines where it would previously never have been thought possible,” Rogers said.

“It can be delivered efficiently and at a lower whole of life cost than other technologies in the market.”

Daniel Poller has been enlisted as Auto-mate’s chief executive officer, and is confident that the 50-50 joint venture will positively impact the market.

“Auto-mate is set to make a significant impact on the mining and automation sector and will ultimately enhance safety and efficiency outcomes for our customers,” he said.

“I am thrilled that we are able to bring it to the global market.”

Bis has provided haulage and equipment solutions to the mining industry for more than 100 years.

For more than four decades, IAI has designed and introduced robotic and autonomous vehicle and asset solutions for air, sea and land.

The global value uplift and efficiency gains from automation in the resources sector is forecast at over $50 billion.

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