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Humans of Bis – Nathan

At Bis, we aim to create a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone is able to contribute their best regardless of their race, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation. We believe that by developing a diverse and inclusive culture we can encourage critical thinking; better problem solving and give our talented people the chance to shine.

Meet Nathan. Nathan is a proud Indigenous man and father whose family heritage hails from the Solomon Islands and the Mullunburra Yidinji tribe in the Atherton Tablelands.

Nathan started at Bis in 2009 as an adult apprentice. 10 years later he works at our Newlands Operations where he services and maintains our road trains as a Diesel Fitter.

“A typical day for me is usually in the service bay, which I run with an apprentice and on occasion another fitter. Put simply my role is to get the services in and out as quickly and as safely as possible.”

A job he says is made easier because of Bis’ strong commitment to safety.

“The effort that goes into safety at Bis is great. There are lots of procedures in place to make sure we can do the job safely. That’s important to me because it means I can go home safely to my family after my shift.”

The family mentioned includes Nathan’s wife of 13 years, his three daughters and a large extended family of six sisters and five brothers.

“My grandmother had a family of 17 – so there’s a lot of us – but we are all really close and still keep in touch. We were taught the importance of family from our elders and I am passing down those traditions to my girls.”

Nathan’s love of family extends to his one at Bis. He credits his long tenure to the great team he works with.

“I work with a crew of great lads. It makes your job enjoyable when you have good people around you who look out for you.”

Reflecting on his time at Bis, Nathan recognises how far he has come since his time as an apprentice at Burton Downs.

“I have come a long way since I started at Bis and I am really happy where I am now. Bis has created opportunities for me to step up and now I am able to play the role of mentor to new apprentices, which I enjoy.”