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Delivering Every Day: Meet Will

It takes a team of talented people at Bis to deliver a diverse range of services for our customers every day and our engineering team literally doesn’t fall short. One of the tallest members of our team is Will ‘Stretch’ Keys who has been a Mechanical Design Engineer with our company since 2012.

Innovative designers: Will Keys (right) tackles an engineering challenge with colleague Brad Smith (left).

When it comes to engineering solutions for our huge fleet of machinery and heavy hauling vehicles, you might say Will has the mind of a finely tuned V8 supercar.
“Many people would be surprised to know that I spent five years building V8 Supercar engines.” Will said.
Will’s career as an engineer working in the high-octane world of motorsport and the resources industry is slight departure from his childhood ambition of becoming a carpenter, although he still dreams of becoming a professional rugby player.
“After finishing school, I wanted to get involved in motorsports and ended up as an apprentice building V8 supercar engines as well as other high-performance engines.
“The job was very technical and engineering based and after I did my apprenticeship I did another four years at university doing mechanical engineering,” he said.

“One of the best things about my job is using innovation to design new and exciting equipment for our business which improves outcomes for our customers.” – William Keys, Mechanical Design Engineer.

His career brought him from Brisbane to work at Bis’ head office in Osborne Park with a team of engineers who have collaborated to invent solutions which have increased the load capacity of road trains, improved the manoeuvrability of trucks and enhanced the on-road performance and safety by redesigning towing equipment.
“One of the most astonishing things about Bis is how many different sites there are and the range of equipment we operate.

“As a member of the engineering team just about every day is different. I work on engineering and maintenance designs for our road train fleet, handle engineering enquiries from our on-site team and I get to design new products and redesign replacement parts,” he said.
Will said he hit the ground running on his first day when he was immediately sent to Christmas Creek, but more than five years on he hasn’t looked back.
“One of the highlights of my career with Bis was being involved in the design, outsourced manufacturing and commissioning of the original Dual Powered Road Trains for the open-cut coal mining operation in Tabang, Indonesia.
“That was a challenge but really fulfilling and we delivered the best solution for our client,” he said.

Will’s 10 questions:

1. What do you wish other people knew about Bis? 
A lot of people don’t know what Bis is, but once you tell them it used to be part of “Brambles” they go ‘ah I used to deal with them or see their trucks everywhere’.
2. What is your favourite thing about your typical day?
I think we have some pretty good people in the head office at Osborne Park and we get along great here.
3. If you weren’t working in your current career, what would you be doing instead?
I would have liked to be a professional rugby player, if I was to do it all again.
4. How would your colleagues and friends describe you?
5. How has technology or improved processes impacted on your work?
You can literally get a trailer 3D scanned instead of using a tape measure to measure everything. That’s pretty cool.
6. Who is your role model?
My Dad.
7. What would you say most motivates you?
I am always trying to improve something and my work allows me to do that.
8. What are you most excited or passionate about?
I absolutely love my F1 and all the politics involved in it.
9. Where did you grow up?
On a dairy farm in Mundubbera in Central QLD.
10. Did you enjoy school or was it something you greatly disliked?
I did 5 years at boarding School in Brisbane and it was a blast. It’s probably why I like being on site so much –  school was just like a big mine site except you went to class.