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Delivering Every Day: Meet Arron

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At Bis we are all about finding efficient and inventive ways to improve how we get our customers’ commodities from point A to point B.

A big percentage of the payload we shift is off road, hauling customer products from mine to process plant or from mine to train or barge terminal.

Arron Johnson is Bis General Manager – Off Road Load and Haul and it is his team that keep the commodities moving and work to achieve optimum results through reduced vehicle movements and costs to the customer.

“It’s about building capacity through being inventive and looking at new possibilities.” Arron said.

In a business where distance is a key factor, Arron has come a long way from his first job in a bank. He travels regularly to customer sites throughout Australia where more than 60 Bis trucks and dual powered road trains in his segment of the business move more than 45 million tonnes a year.

But the Bis value of Zero Harm goes hand in hand with meeting customer needs.

“We provide haulage solutions for our customers while fostering a culture where nothing is so important that you don’t take the time to do it safely,” Arron said.

“We play an integral part in the supply chain of our customers.”

Arron says strong relationships with customers are a critical part of how Bis does business.

“We treat them as business partners. It helps us meet their needs each day.”

Arron’s Questions

1. How would you describe your role?
I’m accountable for the management of the Off Road Load and Haul portfolio which includes managing the customer, commercial, operational and maintenance functions. The key to it all is ensuring optimum safety, production, environmental and financial performance is maintained, whilst remaining close to our customers.

2. What is a key requirement for your job?
Communication and teamwork. The role requires me to work autonomously and collaborate with my teams located at five operational sites in Western Australia and Queensland.

3. What is a typical day like for you at Bis?
My role is based on collaboration with our clients and people across the company.

The first hour of my day starts with a reflection and planning session to ensure I prioritise actions and achieve the best results. I speak with each member of my team to understand what support or assistance they may require.

Then I focus on customer closeness. It is critical to visit our customers’ operations sites to support our teams. I really enjoy the travel and getting out of the office environment: one day I can be at Silvergrass in the Pilbara in Western Australia and the next I could be in Andoom in northern Queensland.

Every day I am also committed to making sure we always act with respect for the community and environment and continually strive to achieve Zero Harm.

4. What is the most satisfying thing about your current role?
Working with all the people in the business. Bis is made up of passionate, enthusiastic people who deliver each day.  Seeing everyone continue to learn and develop is extremely rewarding.

5. What are the major challenges/opportunities for Off Road Load and Haul in the next couple of years?
There are increasing signs our market is improving. With any change we are ensuring we continue to be nimble in providing the continued level of support to existing and potential customers.  At Bis we are always looking at what the next innovative haulage solutions could be.

6. What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I’ve been married for 23 years with 3 kids Zac, Tyler and Thomas.

I’m also a tragic Hawthorn fan.

7. What has been your career journey?
I started my career in banking straight from high school and then moved into logistics working at Shell and BP for 14 years. I joined Bis in 2010 as a regional manager and was promoted to my current GM role in 2012.

8. Did you ever imagine doing your current job when growing up?
No, not all. All through high school I was determined to be an accountant.