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We’re turning the traditional way of moving large volumes of commodities from pit, to plant, to port on its head. Discover new possibilities for your resource with our innovative bulk haulage technology and thinking.

How we help you deliver

Rethinking resources logistics

On-road or off-road, we are not your conventional truck and trailer solution. Our fleet is bespoke, designed and engineered using innovative thinking and technology to perfectly meet your operational needs. Whether you are in the feasibility stage, looking to expand your operations or want to haul more material with fewer vehicle movements, we can tailor a solution for you.

Why Bis

Bespoke solutions
We operate a huge fleet of specialised off-road and on-road bulk haulage equipment, with payload capacities up to 500 tonnes, that are individually configured to your commodity and operational needs.

Technical expertise in advanced technology
Since 1915, we have been building a resources logistics organisation with the capacity and systems to move large volumes of bulk commodities, with speed and precision, within time critical supply chains. We also have in-vehicle technologies and support services to monitor the safe and efficient operation of our fleet.

Industry experience
Our drivers are experienced long-haul off-road and on-road operators. They understand the need to deliver on time and safely, including within remote and potentially hazardous environments that are continually changing.

Our patented Dual Powered Road Trains eclipse the capacity and speed of traditional OEM haul trucks, and have a lower carbon footprint. If there is a way to engineer you a better solution, our innovation unit will find it. Learn more about our innovations here

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We’re helping deliver resources across Australia and in Indonesia. Take a closer look at our operations map.

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