Unlock your ability to deliver

If you have a bottleneck you need to resolve, if you need to unlock greater supply chain capacity or find a better way to deliver to your customers - our consulting capability will build your solution.

Solutions tailored for you

Every resources operation has unique logistics and materials handling challenges. It may be the location of your operation, the type of commodity you produce, the inputs you need in your processing plant, or the need for flexibility in meeting demand.

These challenges can’t be effectively solved with an off-the-shelf logistics and materials handling solution. We help you overcome your challenges with our unique industry experience, technical excellence and innovative thinking. 

Re-thinking your supply chain using real-time data

Every resources company is under pressure to move larger volumes of material in less time and at a lower cost.

We can help you benchmark your operational performance, identify where improvements can be made in your supply chain logistics and materials handling, and then design a solution that optimises the way you deliver.

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Data collected in real-time from our assets is transforming utilisation and fleet management.

Our innovations drive efficiency and safety

We have a proven record of inventing, building and commercialising proprietary solutions that have become market leading innovations. Read more about our newest proprietary innovations here.

How Bis can deliver for you:

  • Identify constraints and roadblocks in your supply chain
  • Understand your unique challenges and business objectives
  • In-house engineering team with technical expertise in all main resource commodities
  • Use best-practice logistics or materials handling solutions, gained from working with major resources companies
  • Discover new solutions not previously considered
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver returns

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