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Bis attends global gathering to discuss innovation in minesite haulage

In a presentation to industry professionals at the 2019 Truck and Shovel Conference, Bis Group Manager Innovation & Project Delivery Virginie Hannah spoke about Bis’ culture of customer-driven innovation.

Her presentation, titled ‘Innovation in minesite haulage’, had a strong focus on innovation in minesite haulage for reduced costs, improved productivity and better community and safety outcomes.

The Truck and Shovel Conference is the first load and haul event of its kind, held in the worldwide hub of Singapore. It is a truly global gathering tapping into the mining markets of Asia, Australasia and further afield.

Truck and shovel mining today is anything but conventional. Most mines now utilise advanced fleet management systems (FMS) and data analytics to monitor their fleets in real time – everything from payload to tyre conditions, engine performance and fuel management.

Bis is at the forefront of innovation in this field thanks to the game-changing new mining haul truck Rexx, introduced to the market late last year.

The idea for Rexx came about when Bis leaders recognised a problem in double handling product when it was being moved from pit to processing. The solution was a 20-wheeled, long range, out-of-pit hauler that would combine the distance capacity of a traditional off road haulage solution with the ability to go out of pit.

Rexx offers a range of competitive advantages, moving resources more efficiently and delivering greater profitability for customers.

Virginie’s presentation highlighted the results achieved by Rexx during challenging testing taken out at Murrin Murrin and Granny Smith mines in Western Australia.

When put to the test, Rexx showed it can travel more than 4x times the distance of a standard dump truck, uses half the amount of fuel, and delivers up to a 30% saving to customers.

When it comes to haulage, Bis offers new possibilities and thinking for moving resources. Our culture of curiosity and innovation has driven the business from its early days, and has recently seen us listed as one of Australia’s most innovative companies by The Australian Financial Review.

The accolade follows a win of the 2019 Future of Mining Innovation Award earlier this year, which recognised collaborative innovation resulting in standout commercial outcomes.

Most recently, Bis has received nominations for the Australian Mining Prospect Awards. Our Girls Rocking Resources initiative has earned us a nomination in the Community Interaction category, while our game-changing haulage solution Rexx has seen us shortlisted in the Innovative Mining Solution category.

Launched in 2004, these annual awards have become one of the most prestigious awards program for the mining and minerals processing industry in Australia. Winners will be announced in early October.