Supplier Engagement

We expect our suppliers to implement policies and standards consistent with, and complementary to, those of Bis.

We require our suppliers to be aware of our standards and the conduct required of the suppliers’ representatives. Both Bis and our suppliers are bound to relevant state and federal legislation.

Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing involves adopting a sourcing approach best suited to each business need.

Depending on the requirements, we may ask for formal bids or tenders; seek proposals from a number of suppliers; and conduct negotiations with prospective suppliers.

All tenders are conducted according to strict ethical behaviour guidelines.

We undertake a risk assessment for all new suppliers in the form of a Risk Profile and a Risk Management Plan to ensure our contractors and employees are safe to work and we uphold our Zero Harm policy.

Unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with Bis, all goods and services supplied to us are required to be supplied in accordance with Bis Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. 

Monitoring performance

Performance monitoring of suppliers is an important aspect of our ongoing relationships.

To monitor the supplier contracts and commercial relationships with our suppliers, we conduct contract review meetings with our suppliers to drive collaboration and continuous improvements, and to ensure suppliers deliver according to the contractual obligations.

Meeting frequency is determined by the level of risk or spend with regular measurement of contract key performance indicators through supplier reporting. 

At a category level, we also ensure that we identify key issues, target benefits, improvements and recommendations for each category of goods and services.

We also closely monitor competitive indicators, market metrics and trends to ensure our category strategies remain current.

We have a defined process of managing and escalating any issues of contract breach, including agreed remedial action plans to address systematic performance issues and a defined dispute process.

Sustainable procurement

We aim to be a sustainable purchaser, and have built responsible procurement and sourcing practices into the business. 

We follow long-term plans, involve our suppliers early in the planning stages, and build close, mutually-beneficial relationships with suppliers.

With regard to categories of spend that are identified as having potential risk of modern slavery infringement, Bis conducts a deep-dive review on the sources of materials and labour, to ensure that they comply with all applicable modern slavery laws and regulations  —including the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cwth).

Bis recognises that our supply chain can make a significant contribution to our sustainability and that our supply relationships can add to, or detract from, our reputation.

Therefore, when engaging with suppliers, we take their focus on sustainability and environmental awareness into consideration.

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