Better value and flexibility than ever before.

At Bis, we are constantly searching for better ways to deliver safe, efficient and flexible solutions for customers. It’s this mindset that led to Rexx – our latest haulage solution that has been engineered to increase efficiency and productivity at our customers operations, delivering value as part of Bis’ integrated haulage solution.



50% Lower fuel consumption

Improving energy efficiency was a key objective in Rexx’s design. With patented on-demand power that lowers fuel consumption, Rexx uses around half the amount of fuel required for a standard dump truck, delivering significant savings to miners and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower development costs

With a 4.8m width and a fully loaded weight of 230 tonnes, Rexx can operate on narrower, lower specification roads. This reduces haul road infrastructure costs at your operation and optimises your mine design.

Improved safety

Safety is paramount. That’s why Rexx is designed with world-class technology including fatigue-detecting system and GPS driver monitoring systems, along with features such as a large format front window for better visibility and 360° cameras to ensure drivers are completely aware of their surrounds.


The Bis steering system enables a turning circle of just 13.6m, allowing Rexx to easily manoeuvre in smaller spaces.

Tougher in-pit performance

Rexx’s multi-axle design utilises 20 tyres, allowing for a safer and simplified maintenance process which offers redundancy as Rexx can still operate if a tyre goes out of service. The unique design provides a larger pressure point spread across 20 tyres, which enables Rexx to operate in tougher in-pit conditions.

Up to 4x further

Rexx can efficiently transport a 160 tonne payload for 35km at a normal operating speed of 60km/h. This industry-leading distance is at least four times further than conventional dump trucks, which are limited in range due to tyre heating issues caused by tyre size, unlike Rexx.

Optimising haulage cycles

Rexx’s ability to travel four times further than traditional dump trucks minimises the rehandle associated with longer haulage routes. Combining Rexx with a long-haul solution, such as Bis’ proprietary Dual Powered Road Trains (DPRTs), allows the entire haulage cycle to be optimised due to Rexx’s industry-leading range.

Out-performs in tough conditions

Rexx has been designed with multiple steering and driving axles which can handle gradients of 15% when fully loaded. The multi-axle and 20-tyre design delivers an increased surface area and reduced ground pressure, enabling Rexx to work efficiently in all terrains.

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