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Health, Safety & Wellbeing come first in every situation

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees are at the forefront of everything we do at Bis, as we deliver services to our clients at more than 40 operational sites across Australia and Indonesia.

Bis recently appointed Michael Farmer as the Group Manager of Workplace Health Safety and Environment (WHSE). Michael’s extensive experience in the field of health, safety and environment within the resources sector includes a successful track record of embedding robust health and safety practices to manage day-to-day risk and prevent injury and occupational illness.

“When health and safety is the first consideration of everything you do in the workplace then you are already a step closer to reducing your risk and achieving Zero Harm,” Michael said.

While Bis has always had a strong health and safety culture, the WHSE team in collaboration with senior leaders from throughout the Company are working to refine the Zero Harm strategy by making WHSE systems simpler and more robust, processes clearer and ensuring that everyone is properly trained to prevent incidents that can cause harm.

“Zero Harm is more than a journey, it is about influencing behaviour positively, working according to planned activity and, very importantly, looking out for one another.

“We want to make sure that there is a succession of effective barriers in place to reduce the likelihood of an incident,” he said.

Bis has a structured approach to maintaining positive on-site health and safety performance which includes conducting leading intervention activities, site inductions, daily team meetings, mentoring and training. Increasing focus will be given to completing quality leading interventions that identify and reduce risk, and maintain positive WHSE performance at all our sites.

The field operations are backed up by the state-of-the-art VOICE  (Virtual Operational Insight Control Environment) centre which monitors driver behaviour, and vehicle movements and performance.  The dedicated and highly competent VOICE Team are our eye and ears. They provide important cues relating to the 'health" of our operations and how we interrelate with the communities in which we operate.

“Our first consideration is always how we can get the job done safely.” – Michael Farmer, Group Manager Workplace Health Safety and Environment

Michael said that Bis’ strong health and safety culture starts at the very top with the CEO and involves everyone right throughout the business.

“People are our most precious resource and our senior leadership team has set a clear mandate to help protect our workforce, our clients, the environment and the people in the communities we operate in.

“Health, safety and wellbeing is a shared responsibility. We instil a sense of ownership that ensures every one of our employees cares for and looks out for one another, and never walks past an unsafe act or situation without stopping the activity and taking immediate action,” he said.


Safety First – At the beginning of every shift or anything we do, we make sure we are fit for work, properly equipped and focussed on carrying out our work safely.
Team Commitment – Everyone in our organisation is empowered and committed to maintaining a safe environment.
Training – We prevent incidents and injuries by knowing how to operate safely.
Planning and Prevention – We identify hazards and effectively control the risks, plan to prevent incidents and follow the correct systems, procedures and processes.
Reporting – Health, Safety and Environmental issues and potential hazards are reported and acted upon immediately.  No hazard or risk goes unnoticed.
Continual improvement – We constantly review our WHSE systems and processes to find ways to prevent harm to our people and make our operations safer. 

“Health and Safety is not a box you tick off at the end of the day, you have to live it all the time. We strive to continually improve our work practices and culture to make sure that the well-being of our people remains paramount.

“At the end of every shift, we want everyone who works with Bis, and the people we come into contact with, to arrive home to their loved ones unharmed,” Michael said.