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Delivering Every Day: Leading a different 'frontline' for Bis - meet Tam

There are a lot of things that are big about Bis. The millions of tonnes of materials we move for some of the biggest resources companies in the world, the size of our trucks and then there are the big personalities we have among our 1400 plus, strong workforce.

One of our resident personalities is Thomas “Tam” McAulay who is the site manager of Bis operations at Minara Resources’ Murrin Murrin nickel and cobalt open-cut mining operation located east of Leonora in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Tam joined Bis in 2011 following 23 years of service in the British Army – a highly decorated military career that saw him travelling the world and involved in every major conflict from 1987 to 2011 including deployments to Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

The operations at Murrin Murrin are now a different type of frontline, and Tam sees plenty of action on a day-to-day basis managing 116 people in five business units at the remote mine site. Every day, his teams are responsible for hauling tens of thousands of tonnes of nickel, cobalt and calcrete, managing the logistics of dangerous goods, processing materials and guiding vital maintenance to support Minara’s operation.

Tam says his team is focussed on improving output to deliver safer, efficient and more cost-effective processes to guarantee better outcomes for their client.

For Tam, the most satisfying elements of his job are the people, solving the challenges and the relationship with his client.

 “What motivates me most is assisting people with their goals and seeing their accomplishments and smiles.”

“We are a people company and we have fantastic personalities on every site.”
“When times are tough, people put their shoulder to the wheel and work for a common cause.” – Thomas “Tam” McAulay. 

Leadership: Tam MacAulay (right) chats with boilermaker Peter McCaffrey
during a site walk at Bis' Murrin Murrin operations

Tam’s 10 questions:
1.  What are you passionate about?
Australian and Scottish rugby. I am trying to learn AFL rules and team play by following Richmond.

2.  What are the personal goals you most want to accomplish? 
To remain healthy and enjoy life with my family and friends.

3.  What is the most satisfying thing about your current role? 
The people, challenges and my relationship with our client.

4.  Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in a small town called Alloa in the central region of Scotland, which is about the size of Mandurah.

5.  What was it like to grow up in Scotland? 
Pretty tough times, a lot of poverty with minimal jobs.  My childhood is full of good memories with friends and times spent with my father in his truck.

6.  Do you have any hobbies? 
I enjoy fishing when the opportunity arises, however, I do suffer from sea sickness which is a constant pain to me as it jars the enjoyment.

7.  What’s your chosen passion and what is it about that you love?
I used to play a lot of rugby - a little too old for the tackles now.  I really enjoy watching the sport. I enjoy all my time with my wife Janice, she says I talk too much but I like to ask questions.

8.  What did you dream of or do as work experience in school? 
I always wanted to join the Army from a young age.  Nearing the end of my career, I knew I would emigrate to Australia but I did not envisage where I would be now.

9.  Who are you mentors? 
I have had three mentors within Bis that I would like to mention.  Brett Thiele for identifying my talents early on, Garry Riordan for taking a chance with me and allowing me to grow within this business and Shane Mansergh for having the patience to guide me through the path of daily operations.

10. What’s your superpower?
I am extremely resilient.