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Fostering the development of Emerging Leaders

Bis specialises in providing customised logistical solutions to process, handle and haul millions of tonnes of materials for our clients in the resources industry and to deliver every day.  To achieve this, we need a diverse workforce with a wide-range of knowledge and talents, including strong leadership skills.

We identified an opportunity to recognise and reward excellence within our workforce by developing the Emerging Leaders programme which offers high-performing individuals training and mentoring support to assist them in their transition into management roles.

Bis Group Manager People & Culture Richard Barley said the Emerging Leaders programme is the best way to retain corporate knowledge and experienced people while giving them opportunities to grow their careers.

“We are working to develop a high-performing and agile culture within our Bis team which inspires everyone to deliver every day. To achieve this, we are investing in training and development which encourages personal growth and builds team strength,” he said.

Since its inception in early 2017 more than 70 members of our Bis team have already progressed through the Emerging Leaders programme and have been promoted to supervisor, team leader or on-site management roles.

“We invest in our people who are the future of Bis.”

- Richard Barley, Group Manager People & Culture 

 “We actively seek to identify self-starters across all areas of our business who have honed their skills and demonstrated potential to become trusted leaders,” Richard said.

In addition to Emerging Leaders, Bis has developed a range of internal training courses to update and upskill people from all areas of the business, including underground excavation, haulage, materials handling and processing, engineering, logistics and corporate services.

“Zero Harm is at the forefront of everything we do at Bis and we want to make sure that our people have the right skills and the right experience to get the job done safely,” Richard said.

If you want to join our Bis team, visit our People section for more.