How we drive innovation

The Bis Team are a unique group of thinkers, problem-solvers and inventors from all areas of our business, working to find new answers to our customers’ complex logistics and materials handling problems.  
We draw together people with unique skill sets from across our consulting, operations, support functions and leadership teams, and their task is to change the game. Our people are developing the new ideas and innovations that will drive Bis and our customers forward tomorrow and into the future.

Ideas in Action

Bis is not just about ideas. It is combining the deep operational insights of our people with technology, engineering and equipment and turning them into action on site, and within our business.
From large-scale innovations that have radically transformed what was previously considered possible in resource logistics, to smart new technologies and equipment, Bis is helping to make the movement of large volumes of material over great distances safer and more efficient for everyone.

How can we deliver